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Why Teachers Wear Lanyards

Why Teachers Wear Lanyards

If you've ever seen a teacher wearing a lanyard, you might have asked yourself: why do teachers wear lanyards? 

Teachers wear lanyards for many different reasons, depending on the teacher, their school's requirements, and personal preferences. 

Carry Badges

In many school districts, teachers receive official badges that they must wear for security purposes. After all, a school may have hundreds of teachers and thousands of kids they are trying to keep safe. Badges make it very clear that teachers and staff are who they say. 

Badges also make it easier for children to recognize teachers and call them by name.

Lastly, many schools use advanced access control systems that allow teachers to access the school, their classrooms, and other secured areas while keeping others out. 

With all this in mind, you can quickly see why it's essential that teachers have a secure and comfortable way to keep their badges handy and visible.

Carry Keys

Even in the most modern schools, many teachers still need to carry one or more keys. Teachers need a way to keep keys convenient and secure, whether their car keys, classroom keys, or even keys for filing cabinets or their desks. Lanyards are a perfect solution.

Carry Other Items

There are many items that a teacher uses daily that can also find a spot on their lanyard. With constant travel around the school or even just their classroom, you will often see pens and hand sanitizer hanging around a teacher's lanyard for quick access. 


Sometimes, it may be hard to distinguish a teacher from a student. You can especially see this at the middle or high school level. Having a lanyard with their ID Badge hanging gives certainty.


The majority of educators pride themselves on their classroom or their profession in general. With this, you will see a lot of time and effort to make classrooms welcoming and enjoyable for students. Classrooms themes are prevalent in elementary schools, and a personalized lanyard is an excellent way to add to this effect. A personalized lanyard is an easy way to show school pride, too! 

Although it is not mandatory for all teachers to wear lanyards, many find that lanyards serve as a helpful tool in their profession. Additionally, lanyards can be a fun way for educators to express their styles. Have you ever seen a teacher who rocks a cool lanyard?

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