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How to Personalize Teacher Lanyards

How to Personalize Teacher Lanyards

One question we frequently get from customers is, "how do you personalize your teacher lanyards?"

After tons of testing (on myself and family/friends), I can say that we make the absolute-best personalized teacher lanyards. And just one of many reasons is the way we personalize the lanyards.

The Best Way to Personalize Lanyards

Our lanyards are personalized using a specialized printing process that applies ink that permanently bonds to the grain of the wood using ultraviolet light. This results in superior personalization that will last for years. It won't scratch, flake, or chip. The only way to remove the personalization is to remove the top layer of wood; it's just that tough!

 Personalizing Teacher Lanyards

This process yields text/personalization that is slightly raised from the surface of our lanyards; you can feel the personalization. In fact, this same printing process is used to produce braille signs. 

Our personalized lanyards are also waterproof, which means you can wipe away any spills, dirt, germs, or other yuckiness...very important when delivering the best teacher lanyard!

What Doesn't Work

Now that you know the method we landed on (after countless rounds of testing and considerable investments in technology), here are the methods we tried and why they failed.

Laser Engraved

While we use our laser cutter daily (and truly love it!), laser engraved lanyards don't stand the test of time for a few reasons.

  1. While our printing process is an additive step (we are adding ink to the wooden disc), laser engraving is a subtractive process. This means it removes some of the material, which can yield a slightly weaker lanyard since it removes some of the structure. 
  2. Laser engraving also leaves voids in the wood that can attract dirt, lint, fuzz, and other nasty stuff. And, because laser engraving leaves a very rough surface, it can be nearly impossible to clean. 
  3. The rough edges associated with engraved lanyards can damage clothing over time and even cause splinters. 

Vinyl Transfers/Stickers

Another method that doesn't work great for personalizing lanyards involves using vinyl transfers or stickers. And there's only one issue here... durability. 

Sure, some vinyl may be designed to adhere permanently, but that's only the case in certain conditions. Unfortunately, the staying power isn't there when you cut skinny slivers of vinyl that would fit on a lanyard. This means the personalization will easily peel over time.

You can try to prevent this by placing an epoxy/resin coating over the top which is hard and will protect the personalization beneath. This does hold up well for a while, but epoxy/resin turns yellow over time, so eventually the lanyard will need to be replaced due to the yellowing.

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