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Supporting Teachers via Donors Choose

While serving our customers is one of the most fun things we get to do each day, supporting our future is one of the most important and most rewarding. As a company founded by a teacher (born of teachers), we know personally just how much heart, passion, and work goes into running a classroom. Teachers should never have to pull from their own pockets to ensure the success of their students. That's why we're proud to donate a portion of all sales to teachers, classrooms, and their students via DonorsChoose. 

and more!

In addition to the amazing impact we've been able to make in schools around the nation via Donors Choose, your support has also enabled us to make an impact in other organizations and even in some education programs right here in our local community.

In 2021, we donated over $2,500 in supplies and funds to local elementary schools. We also donated $1,000 to an after school literacy program, and made contributions to various other charities including St. Jude. Contributions in 2021 totaled over $5,000.

In 2022, we've already donated over $5,000 more. Much of this has gone to DonorsChoose projects, but we've also funded several classroom projects via Amazon Wishlists, and donated $2,000 to help children and youth in foster care purchase back-to-school supplies.