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After years of demand from our customers, boutiques, and retailers, we're excited to announce the launch of our line of wholesale teacher lanyards, wholesale nurse badge reels, and other wholesale accessories (including wholesale wristlets!)

All of our products are handmade right here in the USA. They're also high-quality and superbly packaged! With a retail price point of under $20, our wholesale teacher lanyards are perfect gifts. And, you won't find a "lanyard" section in most retailers, so you'll be unique in offering this accessory that so many need.

Our custom point-of-purchase display options will keep these high-margin and high sell-through items at eye level while educating customers on why By the Graces' lanyards are the only ones they'll want to sport. We have options that hold as few as 16 items in under 1 square foot of counter space to more elaborate displays that hold 48 items (also in less than 1 square foot.) Each display will also be customized based on the product mix you decide to carry to maximize conversions!

We'll also keep you supplied with seasonal and limited edition options to keep those customers coming back for more. Oh, and every order (wholesale or not!) ships out the next business day, so you can have these on your counter in under a week. Plus, you can feel proud that you and your customers are supporting educators through our charitable endeavors.

You can also count on the viral effect our products will bring. See, if one teacher shows up to school with a flashy new lanyard, you can bet 10 teachers are going to ask where she got it, and the answer is your store! Plus, you'll be listed on our "Where to buy?" page, so you'll benefit from our strong network of influencers and paid social media ads when a customer just can't wait to buy a new lanyard.

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