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Did I Get Duped? How to Spot Fakes!

Did I Get Duped? How to Spot Fakes!

When you make and sell products as cute as ours, there are bound to be a few fakes on the market. No worries, though. We're here with a few tips on spotting dupes to ensure you're buying a legitimate By the Graces product that will securely carry your belongings for years to come.

  1. Buy from a reputable website/marketplace. Our products are currently only available directly from us via our website, Etsy, or Amazon. Be cautious when buying on Etsy or Amazon, however. There are many knockoffs. Some are good quality, but some are cheaply made and will last you only a few weeks (which, ironically, is about how long you'll wait for them to arrive from China.)
  2. Look for our logo! We're proud enough of our product to put our name on every item, and we package every item in our signature burlap gift bag with our logo.
  3. Inspect the quality. The most important thing you should look at is the construction. In particular, does it hold up if you give it a good tug? Believe it or not, most of the knockoff lanyards on the market don't pass this test. This means your keys, ID badge, and the entire lanyard are only a tug away from being lost. Our lanyards are tested to hold extreme weights, ensuring you won't have this problem. We weld every ring on our lanyard shut to ensure it'll hold up for the long haul.
  4. Read the reviews. If there are none, this is a red flag. Our product is raved about and reviewed widely. The reviews are usually also a good indicator of how long the product will take to arrive and if the item quality is acceptable.

Please note, some sellers go so far as to steal our product images and even remove our logo from them. Just seeing our logo or our product images doesn't mean you're in the clear.

Why it matters?

  1. Many of these dupes are made in Chinese factories by employees who are treated very poorly. So why buy a subpar product from overseas (and support sellers with questionable practices) when you can help a small business that prides itself on making every item here in the USA?
  2. Quality matters...especially when you're trusting it to carry your keys and ID, which could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace. Buy a product that is made to the highest standards (as backed by our reviews!)
  3. Your business matters to us. We appreciate our customers and their support. And, to help give back and show this, we donate a portion of every sale to a classroom in need. 

Report a Fake/Knockoff/Counterfeit/Dupe

Have you seen or perhaps even bought a fake product? Want us to make sure you're buying a legit By the Graces product? Send us the link, and we'll check it out!

And, if you got duped and are now stuck with a broken or cheap lanyard, reach out with some pics. We'll help you out!